Awesome Fitness Links & Resources

scored and sorted by analysing r/Fitness comments

Why are there amazon affiliate links?

Analysing reddit comments proved to be an expensive affair. Most cloud providers charge around $100 for 10 terabytes of data analysis. This site was built by analysing atleast 50 TB of data, and that's just for r/Fitness subreddit. My plan is to expand the analysis to other subreddits as well. Apart from that running and maintaining the site is going to cost me time and money. So I decided to sign-up for amazon affiliate program (I didn't like the idea of displaying ads to cover costs).

Why only 10 youtube videos?

Embedded videos are causing page load to increase. I'm still experimenting for the best way to share videos.

How are the scores calculated?

Scores are calcuated by analysing all the comments in r/Fitness and then weighing them with frequency and comment upvote count.

Kindle eBooks are very few, are there more?

Yes, there are many. I'm still in the process of analysing more data.

Is this all the data you got?

The data shown here is just a small curated subset of the total data. More analysis is in progress. Feedback welcome and greatly appreciated.

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